The Year of Ultimate Growth

As you may know if you follow my blog, September 7th, 2017, marked 365 days or 1 year since I did the big chop in an effort to get back to my natural, healthy hair. Well I’m hear to update and start a new magical hair progress journey.

Today is Day 409:

on Friday the 13th, day 401, I decided I’d waited long enuff! NO I DIDNT COLOR MY HAIR, but I did get a perm. P.s. I’m soooo in love wit it!

The bottom layers didn’t quite take to the perm as the top did (which I’m a tiny bit sad about) but overall it turned out wonderful. There is still a tiny bit of color treated/bleached hair on the ends of my very top layer, which definitely did get very dry after the perm. I’ll trim them out eventually but for now it’s a nice reminder of how far I’ve come and what I do NOT want to go back to. My natural hair color is also so beautifully highlighted in a natural way, that it looks almost like I put the tip color there on purpose.

Considering my pixie cut was maybe 3-4 inches on top when I did the big chop and therefore the color treated/bleached hair.. and now I have maybe an inch left of that, it’s incredible! It’s unreal!

I NEVER would have thought I’d go over a year without dying my hair or 400 days without any chemical treatment to it at all!!! Ask 17 year old me if I could do it and she’d probably laugh so hard she would pee herself while snorting at the same time! Ask anyone close to me or who really knows me and they are probably still in a bit of shock I’m come so far! So what now? What’s next, you ask?

Well, I plan to keep color and bleach in the past for good! As of now that’s my goal! I wanna hit more and more milestones where that is concerned. I live so much more carefree without worrying about the color and health of my hair, I know it seems crazy and sounds strange to most of you, but it’s a great feeling for me. So even though a perm is chemicals and can be very damaging to the hair, I plan to do everything I can to keep it healthy and take care of it. I also have boxed up the heating tools and plan to keep the heat off of my hair now that I can just wet and run basically! That should go a loooong way to keeping my hair on the track I want.

I’m gonna keep tracking my progress and updating along the way! I plan to follow a very similar routine as the last year as far as trims, diet, protective styles, styling, products used, wash routine, etc. and see if I get less, the same, or more growth this second year.

Last year was The Big Chop Year, this year will be The Year of Ultimate Growth, if all goes according to plan. 😜 thanks for following along & stay tuned for more details on my hair care routines, tips for living with a perm, and of course keeping up with my growth and progress!

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