Do’s & Don’t: Post Partum Self -Love

Here’s the hard truth about post partum weight loss.


I legit thought I’d come out of the OR about 10-15 pounds lighter and that when I got home I’d be like 20 pounds down easy before the first week was up. Psych! Baby Girl came out 7lbs 5oz and then they delivered my placenta and cleaned most of my uterus out. I’m thinking logically that’s at least 10-12 pounds to start, right? WRONG! I got home and stepped on the scale and it showed only a 6 pound loss. I’m not gonna lie, my immediate response was a bit of disbelief & disappointment.

I’ve never been big on the scale but during pregnancy they track it regularly and it can be a sign of concern for sudden loss or gain; therefore, I’m kind of use to watching it now. I had to remind myself that it took almost 10 months for me to get where I was. My body went through a magical process of creating and nurturing life inside it. Then, it went through this traumatic experience to allow that life to enter the world. I had to remind myself that I did go from looking full term pregnant to about less than 20 weeks. I still looked and felt smaller immediately after birth than I did at my gender reveal party.

I think part of my problem was I started following all of these awesome pregnant women on social media while I was pregnant. Most of them had their babies before me and they snapped back so fast it was like, “yea, I can do that too!” But I really have to remember that I’m designed differently. They are designed differently. Power to those women! If you can walk out the hospital looking like a whole pre-pregnancy snack, you lucky bitch! Haha I’m clapping for you and I’m happy for you. For the rest of the ladies who are like me, leaving the hospital looking & feeling like a lunch buffet of last weeks leftovers, this post is for you. These are my Dos & Donts for self love in the first few days and weeks after pregnant life is done.

1. Do: Breast Feed if you can and want🌸🌸

Besides all of the amazing benefits it has for baby and mama (antibody transfer, free, burns extra calories, natural, etc), consider the time and dedication it takes. You really don’t have time to think about yourself and if your like me, it just makes you think about baby even more. It truly is such an incredible bonding experience. The endorphins are real! I never thought I’d breast feed ten years ago and I was pretty sad to give up my pierced nipples that I’ve only had for like a year in a half. I really didn’t have anyone close to me to give me advice about it either. I’m so grateful I went for it though! Sometimes when we watch the clock constantly, Time seems to drag on and move slower, right? Well, weight loss is the same thing. Watch every single oz or pound and it’s going to get discouraging when you don’t get dramatic results like society promises.

2. Do: Sleep! 💤

We all know sleep is important! Studies have shown that adequate or inadequate sleep effects a trillion different things in the human body, from metabolism to mental health. It can be difficult to find sleep with a newborn, unless you get lucky like me and they sleep all the time. Haha but just try to take advantage of any chance you get, even if it’s 10-15 minutes. If someone offers help, don’t feel bad to accepting some and don’t worry too much about taking care of everything else perfectly. It’s okay to choose that cat nap over finishing the dishes from last night. I promise you will be surprised that you have a little time & energy later to do that stuff.

3. Do: Drink plenty of water!💦

I cannot stress this enough! WE ARE MADE OF WATER! Water is literally an answer to everything. Sip on it constantly all day long, especially to quench any thirst and during feeding sessions.

4. Do: Keep moving 🚶🏽‍♀️💕

Walking is excellent exercise! After birth it can help prevent blood clotting too. If baby like to be soothed by movement, trade the rocking chair for a little sway and walk action every now and again. It’s a great way to get blood flow & natural chemicals going to make you feel better in general. Listen to your body always and don’t over due it though!

5. Do: Shower! 🧼

Omg, who doesn’t feel better after a shower and some lotion?! I promise showers have a whole new meaning after a c section for sure! My first shower in the hospital was pretty decent but those first 2 showers at home made me feel like Captain Marvel! You’ll see what I’m talking about when you do it.

6. Do: Fix up a cute messy bun & throw on some makeup🥰

Basically whatever made you feel a little done up and cute before baby. Make it a thing to do like once a week at least. Take a couple selfies with your little stink when you do too! Even if you don’t show anyone or go out and see anyone, a little self care and pampering can go a long way when most of the time you’re just feeling like a milk soaked, hot flippin mess!

7. Don’t: Worry too much about what others think🤷🏽‍♀️

This is exhausting to do on any given day, let alone when your hormones are frantically running around trying to find the fire in the building and you’re thrown into a schedule you have no idea how to work yet. Besides, people are gonna more interested in your new baby than they are caring about your natural face or that you’re wearing the same sweat pants 3 days in a row. Not to mention all the other moms get it. And if you’re opposite and can rock a cute outfit and be done up every day and that makes you happy, then same deal! Screw what anyone says or thinks about YOUR process. Long as baby & you are healthy and happy, none of their damn business how you do it.

8. Don’t: try to make your experience like anyone else’s🧡

Like I said in the beginning, think designer red carpet fashion versus department store v neck t-shirt. This is your process, your body, your journey. And everyone will experience it differently! Don’t get caught up in the hype and expectation of society or anyone else’s journey. In my opinion, being unique is where the money at!

It’s okay to stumble. It’s okay to seek outside help. I joined a couple mommy groups on Facebook with women all over the country in them & I love reading some of the stories they post. Some questions come up I never even thought to ask too and sometimes I feel good because I can actually share my experience or answer questions.

I’m super excited to share my journey with everyone. I plan to keep it real and be true to my character. I may “bounce back” faster than some and slower than some but that’s the beauty of it! Individuality is powerful! All women are beautiful and becoming a Mom is one of the greatest sacrifices, accomplishments, and blessings we have here on Earth.

Stay tuned! This next chapter is going to be good!

***—Day 1 is the morning after surgery [May 15] & Day 4 is our second day home after my 2nd shower post c section. The other photo is how I looked the morning of surgery, post shower, headed to the hospital immediately following —🌸🧼💭🧡

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