Let Freedom Ring & Lessons Be Learned

In 2014, I had a couple beers while playing in my dart league. I thought I was good after not drinking for about 2 hours and was trying to be a good friend by giving someone else a ride home, who was really drunk. They only lived a couple blocks away. I sat too long at a green light while changing the music & ended up with a DUI. I got refusal to blow, the worst punishment. Long story short, it was because I ended up having an allergy induced asthma attack and couldn’t breathe into the machine hard or long enough. I tried and tried and was willing to do a blood test but didn’t know I had to ask for one.

I won’t deny that I deserved a DUI, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, but I didn’t think I deserved a refusal when I had cooperated fully and tried my best to give a sample. I fought the charge and after a year of trying to fight it, I accepted my fate and my license was suspended for a year. After the suspension was served, I got 3 years with an interlock device.

Well, today I’m dancing a happy dance BECAUSE YA GIRL IS FINALLY FREE!!!!! Let freedom ring! A grand total of about 5 years later, and it feels soooo dang good to finally write the end to this chapter in my novel.

3 years of blowing & sucking on a machine randomly every time I drive & every time I start my car, never being able to warm up my car in the winter or cool it down in the summer, & a grand total of around $7,000 and MY LESSON IS LEARNED! I can tell you, I will never even have a single drink and think I’m good to drive. No matter how fine I feel, I won’t be getting behind the wheel if I’ve had even 1 or 2 drinks because you just never know what ya BAC really is. It’s better not to risk it; to risk others safety, your own, and the years of throwing money down the drain. $7,000 is half my student loans, it’s a down payment, it’s a nice emergency fund, and it’s a ton of food ! I could think of 1,001 different ways to spend that amount of money and none of them include donating to the state of Kansas.

So, Why choose to share this potentially embarrassing information with others? Most people probably don’t even know or remember I did this. Some of you may be judging me hardcore right now, so why would I bother? Nobody asked, maybe nobody cares, but as you all know by now I’ve always been very open & transparent about every aspect of my life. If my experiences can impact even one life, it’s worth it to me. God is the only one who can truly judge me.

In life, it isn’t about the mistakes we make but it’s how we respond to them. It is what we choose to do after the mistake has been made that defines us, not the mistake itself.

So, I leave you with this; driving and drinking is NEVER okay. Even if it’s just a couple or you “feel fine” you could put yourself and others in a really bad predicament, whether it’s physical pain or the stress of having to go months or years with an interlock & paying tons of money to the state. A DUI effects your family and the people around you too. It makes so many things difficult in your life that you don’t need. Some lessons take longer to learn than others & I wish this one didn’t take this for me to learn. Stop thinking, “it’s only 3 beers” or “I’m fine” or “I do it all the time.” Stop thinking, “its only a few blocks” or “I won’t get caught.” Yea, I’m the one who does something wrong just one time and I get caught. I know there are people out there, reading this even, who have gotten away with things over and over or maybe even for years and years, but one day your “luck” WILL run out. I pray to GOD that it isn’t in a way that costs someone their life or yours. I hope for everyone reading this that this makes you think just a little bit harder the next time you’re tempted to drink and drive. It isn’t worth it. Take it from me! It’s not worth the risks at all! I know that now & I hope I can at least get you thinking along the same lines. I know some lessons in life we must learn the hard way or for ourselves, but I hope that my mistakes and lessons learned can not only be for myself but for others, for my brothers, & for my daughter.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has helped me in the last few years with this. Thank you for helping me survive and for being there for me when I needed it. Thank you for not judging me & instead helping me learn and grow through it. Thank you for never abandoning me over my mistakes & continuing to love me. Know that your support has made a world of difference in my life & because of you I can move forward with understanding, growth, and humility. I am forever in awe of the life God has given me & village he has surrounded me with.

Perfection may be unattainable & undefinable, but we should seek to be the most perfect version of ourselves. – Farra McChesney


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