Heated Surprise

Every winter I remember this little thing about cats and cars. You’re suppose to check under your car and on the tires for cats. Give a little honk even, to scare them off before you drive. I’ve never seen a cat seeking warmth in my car, but I still practice this methodically as the weather turns cold. Today, I add another “check before you go” item to this list.

I just finished coloring my hair & my hair extensions. I used a big pot to color my extensions so I had that nearby on the counter. After washing out all the dye and hanging my extensions to dry, I went to get my blow dryer from another room. I carried it across the house into the bathroom, unraveled the cord, and plugged it in.

Well, when I started the blow dryer, something fell on my chest. Thinking it was some shedding hair I swiped at it towards the pot to throw away later. Much to my surprise it started moving!!! Hahaha it was this little guy.

I guess he/she was hiding in the blow dryer I haven’t used in a couple weeks. Still waiting on my spider i.d. group to help me determine the species.
I hope he’s okay though, he was a little wet and the tiny bit of water still in the pot was a little murky from hair dye. I released him to my back yard and he was moving around just fine. Hopefully he stays outside though. And I’ll be checking my blow dryer for spiders every time I use it now.

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4 thoughts on “Heated Surprise

  1. that’s a good one. i cant believe you released it outside. lol

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    1. Haha! No squish policy unless it’s a brown recluse. Those gotta go.

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  2. Gosh I had no idea they had yards in Afghanistan? Wow šŸ¤©


    1. I received a message from a random account on Instagram earlier mentioning a Chrissie looking for me. As I told them, i had to get new accounts because there is roughly 12 Facebook & IG profiles catfishing people with my photos and information. I’m gathering that you may be a victim of theirs as I do not know you.


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